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Several hundreds of thousand girls drop out of school each year at menarche. Almost 200 million women from ‘below poverty line’ families work for daily wages or are street vendors. A significant population of these women are unable to afford clean, safe sanitary products; they use cloth, newspapers or rags as sanitary pads during menses, which can cause infection and discomfort. Furthermore, owing to unstable incomes & social taboos, 70% of these women lack access to health education and timely healthcare. Scientists & Co. partnered with with MAA (Maternal Aid Association) to co-create ‘Breaking The Cycle’, an educational campaign on women’s health in March 2023. We reached out to these women at their place of work or study to impart knowledge & awareness about health, safety & hygiene. Safe, reusable, eco- friendly sanitary pads were distributed free-of-cost, thus saving them costs & empowering them to continue their life as normal. Our campaign as thus far covered 5 Indian states (Harayana, Telangana, Orissa, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu) and the National Capital Region. We have engaged with 2409 women working for daily-wages, dwelling in slums, employed in factories and as municipality workers, and girls in government colleges. This campaign will continue through the year until International Women’s Day in 2024.