Transforming Lives, Scientifically

Scientists & Co. is a social initiative that strives to ensure cutting-edge scientific discoveries and advanced technology reaches all.

Sweta Raghavan

Founder & Managing Director

A passionate advocate of fair access to education, Sweta founded Scientists & Co. with the aim to increase the social mobility of underrepresented students into higher education, particularly in STEM subjects. Sweta has served as the President of Global Health Policy Centre at King’s Think Tank and was elected for two consecutive terms as the PGR Student Officer at KCLSU. She also founded the King’s Doctoral Students’ Association, U.K’s first autonomous representative body dedicated to research students. Recipient of the Honorary Life Membership at KCLSU and Risign Star Award from Inspiring Indian Women's Association, she was appointed as the Student Ambassador for King’s Vision 2029 Strategy in recognition of her various contribution to King’s.

Roksana Nikoopour

Director of Operations

Roksana is a final year PhD student at the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics at King's College London investigating the molecular basis of inherited heart conditions from a structural biology perspective. She has accumulated a significant amount of teaching experience, both at the undergraduate level and in a secondary schools in London and Spain. She is the Director of Operations at Scientists & Co. which involves organising the logistics of the STEM educational programmes and ensuring everyone knows what they are doing! In her spare time she enjoys playing both the violin and viola.

Lizzy Foxall

Associate Director (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Lizzy is Associate Director for evaluating and monitoring educational programmes at Scientists and Co. She strongly believes that a career in science should be accessible to students from all backgrounds. From the U.K., she completed her PhD at King’s College London and currently a Visiting Scientist at The Francis Crick Institute. In her PhD, she investigated the mechanisms by which immune cells migrate throughout the body, to sites of infection or tissue damage. As well as scientific research, Lizzy’s interests include travel, literature, films and the environment.

Sunil Jain

Social Media Manager

Sunil has been with Scientists & Co. since its inception and shares a passion for helping underprivileged children. He has over three years of experience in the areas of web development, content management, advertising and marketing. An enthusiastic blogger, his blog Tec18 is now in its tenth year. He enjoys playing cricket and chess in his spare time.

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