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Workshop on Grant Writing for Women

A 2019 Lancet showed that gender gap in research funding was because of less favourable assessment of women, and not their science. A working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research attributed gender-specific writing styles that led to bias is awarding grants. In the winter of 2023, we are conducting a hands-on workshop on Writing Successful Grant Applications.

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Workshop on Academic Publication for Women

There is a persistent gender gap in STEM disciples when it comes to academic publishing. Averages across the last 60 years, only 27% of the research publications across all fields of STEM we authored by women (Huang et Al, 2020). This gap worsened during the first wave of the pandemic (Swuazzoni et al 2021). We conducted a free, certified online workshop open to women across the global on the 12th March 2022 as part of the International Women’s Day Celebration. Over 150 women scientists joined the workshop delivered by Prof. Sandhya Visveshwaraiah (IISc), Dr. May Copsey (Executive Editor of Chemical Science) & Dr. Sri Devi Narasimhan (Deputy Editor of Cell).

Dr. May Copsey’s guidelines for publishing


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